Home Warranty on used homes

Many of us, ourselves included only thought new homes in Edmond and the Oklahoma City area have a home warranty.

But we learned very soon after becoming Realtors that there were several companies that offer home warranties on older homes.

A Home Warranty can be though of as a type of insurance that can step in on expensive repairs and save you large lump sums of cash at critical times.

Some sellers will pay for the first year of a home warranty when you buy their home if you ask for it in the contract.  This is especially good when buying your first home and you are budgeting to the best of your ability.  After the one year is up, you, the buyer have the option to keep the warranty or discontinue it.

New construction comes with the builder's warranty which is usually for one year.  Most builders know that their reputation is their biggest advertiser and take care of their buyers.

Whether you get a used home warranty, or a new home warranty, read over the guidelines and exemptions very carefully.  Know what your warranty covers, and what it does not.

The average optional home warranty for used homes are currently running around $475.00 for a buyer.  If you have any other questions about home warranty and new or used homes in the Edmond and the Oklahoma City Metro area, feel free to contact us.  We would be happy to give you the information are looking for.